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Signals at Oberhausen main station (D)

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Simulation software

Most people interested in train dispatching won't become a train dispatcher in real life. Thats why simulation software was developed. Start it up, log in and game on! Be a rail traffic controller on your own PC. This page gives information about signalling simulations.

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Software overview

Program License Comment (!)
Blockpost Shareware British Railway mechanical signalbox simulations Report
ISDR Freeware Polish sim Report
NXSYS Freeware New York city subway simulation [screenshot] Report
PC-Rail Shareware [screenshot] Report
Railway Operation Sim Freeware [Screenshot] Report
Siam Payware [screenshot] Report
SignalSoft Shareware Simulates the Dutch signalbox "Post T Arnhem 1965" Report
SimSig Freeware Nice simulation with lots of possibilities [screenshot] Report
Softikon Freeware Sims of several Czech stations and lines Report
StellSi Freeware Germany signalbox Report
Stellwerke Blumert Shareware Simple simulation [screenshot] Report
StellwerkSim Online Online simulation, multiplayer option [screenshot] Report
Train Director Freeware A clone of the popular Train Dispatcher simulation [screenshot] Report
Train Dispatcher Payware Product no longer available Report
TS2 Freeware [Screenshot] Report
Webrailroader CTC Shareware Inspired by Train Dispatcher which is no longer sold Report


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