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Signals at Oberhausen main station (D)


Reach your target audience via The Signal Page!

The Signal Page (TSP) was founded in January 2003 and has become worlds biggest website in the domain of information about signals, signalling practice and signal rules. Which concerns both the real-life signalling practise as model railway signals. Since it's foundation The Signal Page has served information to tens of thousands of hobbyists, railway professionals and interested people through the years resulting in an increasing flow of new and returning visitors. TSP is intended to be a reference and puts the quality of it's website for visitors in the first position.

Why advertise?

The Signal Page:

  • has an interesting and specific user group
  • has a constant flow of new and returning visitors
  • serves visitors from al over the world
  • offers a broad range of advertising opportunities, tailor-made if required
  • offers the possibility to advertise without interference of (expensive) ad brokers
  • gladly helps you optimizing your campaign and/or strategy
  • uses special rates and discounts

Advertiser profile

We ask potential advertisers to at least have a demonstrable link with railways and/or model railroading. This link may for example be proved by the advertised merchandise, website or service. It doesn't necessarily have to be in the domain of signalling practice.

Advertising types

The following types of advertising are standardly supported:

  • Banner (below page title on the right: 300x200 pixels; at the bottom of TSP: 600x60 pixels)
  • Advertorial / sponsored article / product promotion

Tailor-made solutions can of course be discussed. It is possible to only advertise at the English (or Dutch part) of TSP.

More information

Please contact TSP in case you're interested in advertising.