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Signals at Oberhausen main station (D)

Simulation software

Most people interested in train dispatching won't become a train dispatcher in real life. That's why simulation software was developed. Start it up, log in and game on! Be a rail traffic controller straight from your own armchair. This page lists a variety signalling simulations.

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Software overview

Program License Comment (!)
Blockpost Shareware British Railway mechanical signalbox simulations Report
ESTWsim Payware Germany, Austria and Switzerland Report
ISDR Freeware Polish sim Report
Metro Simulator Freeware Dutch subway sim Report
NXSYS Freeware New York city subway simulation [screenshot] Report
PC-Rail Shareware [screenshot] Report
Poste de Méru Freeware French online sim Report
Railroad Dispatcher Freeware Online sim Report
Railway Operation Sim Freeware [Screenshot] Report
Siam Payware [screenshot] Report
SignalSoft Shareware Simulates the Dutch signalbox "Post T Arnhem 1965" Report
SimSig Freeware Nice simulation with lots of possibilities [screenshot] Report
Softikon Freeware Sims of several Czech stations and lines Report
StellSi Freeware Germany signalbox Report
Stellwerke Blumert Shareware Simple simulation [screenshot] Report
StellwerkSim Online Online simulation, multiplayer option [screenshot] Report
StwSim Freeware A very detailed Dutch simulation Report
Train Director Freeware A clone of the popular Train Dispatcher simulation [screenshot] Report
Train Dispatcher Payware Product no longer available Report
TS2 Freeware [Screenshot] Report
VicSim Freeware Victoria Line Simulator Report
Webrailroader CTC Shareware Inspired by Train Dispatcher which is no longer sold Report


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