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Signals at Oberhausen main station (D)

Welcome to The Signal Page!

The Signal Page was founded early 2003 and is currently worlds largest website in the domain of signalling information, covering every form of transport that's rail based.

The website is designed as a web link database in which informative websites are categorized by topic. Visitors can easily search within topics of their interest.

Thanks to helpful visitors, information about signalling practice now covers more than 30 countries worldwide. And there is more: a directory dedicated to signalling/train dispatching simulation software where top sims are listed.

I'm welcoming additions and feedback! They can be sent from the contact form.

The Signal Page, signal links for signal fans!

 ! Please notice that The Signal Page was originally written in Dutch. Therefore the Dutch pages are far more elaborate because translating the website takes a lot of time. Consider also visiting the Dutch pages. They can be easily translated using Google Translate.